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Harps Notes 27th Oct 2014

posted 28 Oct 2014 01:11 by Derrygonnelly Harps

The Lotto jackpot, now £4400, was not won on Sunday night. The numbers were 17, 20,21 & 28. £20 each went to Breegine Boyle, Derrygonnelly, Kate McGerty, Derrylin & Seamus Greenan, Garrison. The numbers on the Monday 20th draw were 8, 21, 25 & 26. £20 each went to Ronan Gormley, Irvinestown, Mary McConnell, Derrygonnelly and Brian Treacy, Derrygonnelly. The draw this Sunday night will be in Old Pals.

Our Under 16s busy spell of games came to an end last Saturday when we were beaten by Crosserlough of Cavan in the Paul McGirr Memorial Ulster Under 16 tournament. We found ourselves in big trouble in the first quarter, and they took clinical advantage of that. Thereafter, we were more competitive, and managed to compete at their level, particularly in the second half, and hopefully the players can learn some lessons from that. It is important to congratulate them on the success of the season overall, with a Fermanagh double recorded, and to thank the players and managers Peter and Anthony for their commitment and work as well.

Finally, it was with sadness that club members heard about the death of Mrs Mary Lucy of Arney last week, and sincere condolences are extended to the Rasdale and Lucy families.

First Under 16 Double since 2001!

posted 21 Oct 2014 14:36 by Derrygonnelly Harps

Well done to our Under 16, sponsored by The Casson, on an excellent performance in the league final tonight to defeat Enniskillen Gaels. 
Full report in the Youth Section.

Harps Notes 20th Oct 2014

posted 20 Oct 2014 06:59 by Derrygonnelly Harps

Despite what any observer would acknowledge as a tremendous effort against Roslea, our senior squad came up just short in the league final on Sunday. The organisation and intensity of their efforts was very admirable indeed, as they played with real resolve and desire and they definitely gave it everything they had. Hard luck to the squad and to their management team, whose efforts behind the scenes were massive as well. On a different note, our club genuinely hopes that Sean Quigley can recover well from the injury he sustained towards the end of the match.
Our Under 16 league final was rescheduled from Sunday to Tuesday night, so the result will be known at the time of publication. They are up against Crosserlough in the Paul McGirr Under 16 tournament this Saturday at 1pm in Dromore, and we wish them well in this.

The Lotto draw was held on Monday night, October 20th, and the results will be in next week's notes. The draw this Sunday night will be in the Cosy Bar.

Massive League Final Effort Ends in Disappointment

posted 19 Oct 2014 11:36 by Derrygonnelly Harps   [ updated 20 Oct 2014 13:42 ]

Roslea 2-5 Harps 0-8. 
Following a really stirring effort immediately after half time, the Harps levelled through Paul Ward in the 19th minute, after a brilliant effort from Kevin and Deccy Cassidy to take the ball off Dermy Reilly and drive the play once more up the field. 0-8 to 2-2, and over the next few minutes there was a chance we might do it, for Roslea were wobbling. Four attacks followed, no scores. Finally Roslea made a break upfield, and two quick passes saw Sean Quigley tap over. One minute later, another counter saw Seamie Quigley drive over. The opening had been closed, and Seamie launched a monster from under the stand in the 30th minute to seal the deal. A compelling contest ended a few minutes later amidst Harps' pressure but no real opening. 

Last weekend's semi finals were enjoyable end to end scorefests, but this was two heavyweights, who brought a serious level of organisation and effort in a real tough contest, which was fought out straight and honest for the full hour. The standard of defending by both teams was top class. This was a battle. 
The Harps started brightly, with a left footed point by Jonny McGurn in the 1st minute. A frustrating few minutes followed when possession didn't yield scores, or even openings really. Then Cormac Glynn saw a straight red for a challenge which Seamus Breen adjudged to have been too high. The contact happened so quickly it would be possible to claim that Cormac hadn't time to adust out of something he had committed to, and the malice wasn't really there, but the killer was that there was a massive slapping noise as Kevin Cosgrove took the tackle, and it sounded bad. 
But the Harps defensive effort was so intense. Tiarnan Daly had two blocks, Stephen Burns took the ball out with real command. Roslea finally scored in the 14th minute when Nigey Cosgrove was in the right place to tap home a rebound from a high ball into the centre. That's where the wee bit of luck is needed, and he got it and made the most of it. Still, two Jonny McGurn points from placed balls, and a Leigh Jones score from play saw us ahead again by 22 minutes. Sean Quigley levelled from a free before the Harps conceded a goal. For once, we lost possession on the way out, and as our last line of defence tried to backpedal, a great ball over the top found Sean Quigley for a goal. Half time: 2-2 to 0-4.
Two points after half time from Paul Ward frees got the crowd going (the two sets of supporters were noticeably quiet for a lot of the game), Jonny hit a free in the 6th minute, and finally in the 19th, we drew level. But we never nosed in front again. 
Some people probably went home from that game bemoaning a poor match, but for this writer, it was a serious contest and showed where big games are at nowadays, whether people like it or not. It's not pretty, but it is kinda hard not to watch. Roslea's block and smother count in the final quarter in particular must have been very high, for there were a few crucial bits of work. You have to accept that. Of course they had the spare defender who could focus on being there....
The Harps didn't have that luxury, yet still all six backs in particular gave outstanding performances showing bravery, ability on the ball, desire, the lot. Mickey Jones and Eamon McHugh stood out, they were top class, but the whole collective effort was very impressive. Ryan Jones and Deccy Cassidy clocked up massive distances working, working, supporting and grafting. It is a while since a Harps team showed resolve like it. The workrate to stop the short Roslea kickout would be an example of what went on. And our short kickouts were very good because guys wanted the ball. 
But we lost, ball retention and workrate by the whole team just couldn't be converted into penetration and scores.
So a massive effort, a super managerial effort as well, came to nothing. Sport is tough. Fair play to Roslea. 

Harps Notes 13th Oct 2014

posted 13 Oct 2014 03:38 by Derrygonnelly Harps

The Lotto jackpot, now £4200, was not won on Sunday night. The numbers were 10, 15, 20 & 21. £20 each went to Angela Gallagher, Derrygonnelly, Teresa Curry, Teemore and Kelle Holden, Springfield. The draw this Sunday night will be in Doogies.

Two wins last weekend mean that our Under 16s and Seniors are in county finals on Sunday. Our Under 16s defeated Erne Gaels to make their League final this Sunday at 12.15 against Enniskillen at Brewster Park. Our seniors had a fine second half effort against Devenish to make the SFL 1 final against Roslea at 3.30 in Brewster Park. All members wish the two groups of players and their mentors all the best in their finals.


posted 12 Oct 2014 10:49 by Derrygonnelly Harps

Harps 3-13
Devenish 1-11
A pretty remarkable turnaround here, with the Harps outscoring Devenish 3-9 to 1-4 in the second half. 
The Harps support were despairing as half time approached and we were 0-7 to 0-3 behind. Ryan Jones bulldozed through for a score to get us to within a score of our opponents in the 32nd minute, our first score since 17 minutes when Paul Ward had levelled at 0-3 each, adding to earlier efforts by himself and Conall Jones. We were so behind on secondary possession in the middle third it was unreal. Guys jumping into each other going for the same ball didn't help either. There was such a collective (not individual) malfunction! In truth, Devenish didn't take as much advantage as they might have, and our defenders can take some credit for that.
The second half saw a completely different approach. More determination, a bit more variation in our play, and more drive. 1-3 without reply saw the margin overturned and a lead built up. Paul Ward goaled and points came from Garvan Jones, Jonny McGurn and Ryan Jones. Devenish managed two points in reply, but then the Harps had a 2-4 burst, with Jonny and Wardy both goaling and pointing. Big John grabbed a goal for Devenish, but they weren't able to sustain anything as Garvan Jones and Ryan Jones scored again.   
Whatever Paul Greene said at half time, it was effective in terms of focusing the group and motivating them. 
But the bottom line is this: the victory is no longer of any value, it has just got us into a league final. Nobody should be getting carried away because it's all about the next game. Heads down and go into the final against the county champions as underdogs with a serious chance. Today showed that if everybody gets down to some serious work together and gets a bit of momentum going, you can achieve plenty. 
Same weekend ten years ago, we went out against an Enniskillen Gaels side looking seven in a row and another go at the Ulster Club. The determination and ability that day delivered the goods, lets see it do the same again, good luck lads! 


posted 6 Oct 2014 03:51 by Derrygonnelly Harps   [ updated 26 Oct 2014 14:13 ]


posted 5 Oct 2014 11:14 by Derrygonnelly Harps   [ updated 26 Oct 2014 14:13 ]

Harps Notes 29th Sep 2014

posted 30 Sep 2014 08:22 by Derrygonnelly Harps

The Lotto was held on Monday evening, full results will be online and in next week’s ‘Herald. The draw results from Monday 22nd September were numbers 2, 9, 24 & 27. £20 each went to AJ Maguire, Boho, Donal Maguire, Garrison and Gavin Duffy, Monea. The draw this Sunday night will be in The Cosy.
All the very best to our Casson sponsored Under 16 squad and their management as they head for the U16 ‘A’ Championship Final in Brewster Park against Enniskillen Gaels. We hope that they play to their potential, and we hope that a good support from the club will be there to support them. Throw up is at 1.45pm. Good luck lads! 


Harps Notes 22nd Sept 2014

posted 22 Sep 2014 01:32 by Derrygonnelly Harps

The Lotto draw results from the draw held on Monday 22nd will be in next week’s Harps’ Notes. The draw this weekend will be in Old Pals.

Congratulations to our Under 16s who made the championship final with a good workmanlike performance against St Pats. They are down to play Erne Gaels this weekend in the league, full details across our web output.

Our seniors are up against Devenish in the league semi final, and this match is fixed for the 12th of October.

Most importantly for football in Fermanagh, best wishes to Fermanagh Ladies as they seek to achieve an historic success in the TG4 Intermediate All Ireland final against Down. The match is at 1.45 in Croke Park, and we hope that as many supporters as possible make the trip and cheer the team to victory.

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